There are lots of paintball guns on the market today. If you visit a local paintball store you’ll see walls full of different types of guns. Some are electric, others mechanical, and still others are a type of hybrid of the two. Here at Urban War Zone Paintball we use all three types. Most of our mechanical paintball guns in the fleet are the Tippmann FT12 but we also have some 98 Series style markers. Our hybrid markers are also made by Tippmann, the A5. Our fully electronic paintball guns are Proto Rails. While there are subtle differences between these three variations, electronic guns increase the rate of fire and accuracy of the gun, while simultaneously reducing the weight of the marker.


The gun shown here is slightly different than the Proto Rail we use at the field, but the general principles of how it work are very similar. Paintball markers like this, and the one we rent here at Urban War Zone, shoot about 10 times faster than the gravity fed mechanical guns and 3 times faster than the hybrid guns.

Mechanical markers are incredibly durable and are able to withstand the rigors of aggressive play in less than ideal conditions, which is why the bulk of our fleet is made of this style paintball gun. Electronic markers are far more finicky with lots of o-rings and parts that can malfunction if the gun gets wet or is handled roughly. Mechanical markers are much like a tough truck. They can handle anything and go anywhere. Electronic markers on the other hand are more like a sports car. They are fast and a lot of fun, but they have to be kept in tip-top condition to function correctly.