Carpenter / Facility Maintenance

$10-15 per hour

Position Requirements

you must have or be able to do the following


  1. Tool skills (circular, chop, jig, etc)
  2. Competently read a tape measure
  3. Calculate angles with a triangle
  4. Basic painting (roller, sprayer)


  1. High school grad
  2. Associates degree (AA) a plus
  3. Vocational school a plus

Work Experience

  1. 18-24 months on site work experience
  2. May substitute work time for vocational training
  3. Volunteer past (habit for humanity, etc) a plus
  4. Must pass a skills test


The successful applicant for this position will be a mature, self driven, and competent worker. Applicant will have built up a body of experience actually building and working on a job site. You will need to be able to think for yourself, solve problems and think creatively. Candidates should also be able to take direction bounce ideas off of others and buy in even if the solution to a problem isn’t necessarily the way you might do things. A great attitude is key to success at Urban War Zone.

Maintaining and promoting a safe environment is our number one responsibility! Applicant should know and understand how to work in a safe manner. You should know the correct tools for a job and know the correct way to use those tools to avoid injuring yourself or others.

Unusual background?

It’s ok if your life and work experience doesn’t perfectly match the requirements for this position. If you have an unusual background that doesn’t necessarily fit this job posting, but you think you’d do an amazing job and be a great team member, give us a call!

Ready to make an application?

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