Competitive improvements

Season one was an unqualified success. We had tons of players, lots of fun, and it was great to see players put it all on the line in 1 v 1 matches. Now that the season is over, we’ve made some minor changes to help improve the quality of play and competition for season 2. There were 4 things we want to address:

  1. Draws
  2. Game length
  3. Break length
  4. Prizes


Let’s address the biggest change first. We had minimal prizes in season one and that’s going to change. We’re opening the league up to to non-member players and members qualify for better prizes.

Member prizes

  1. Planet Eclipse Etek
  2. Case of ULTRA Evil
  3. 25% off VIP pass
  4. Prizes
Non-Member prizes

  1. Case of ULTRA Evil
  2. 1/2 case of ULTRA Evil
  3. 1/4 case of ULTRA Evil
  4. Prizes


The number of draws was just too high. We want to see players shooting each other out of the game and not playing for a draw if they are ahead in a match. To help get more matches that end in a definitive result, we’ve made the following changes:

  1. There are now two ways to win a game. You can shoot the player out like normal or tag his home base before getting shot yourself. The first person to either make a tag or shoot out the opposing player will win that game.
  2. If, after 5 games, there is no clear winning on points, the head ref will designate one player as ‘heads’ and the other player as ‘tails’ before flipping a coin. If your side comes up, you win and move on.
  3. A match will end if players end any 3 consecutive games in a draw. A coin flip will then determine the winner. Don’t leave a match to chance. Get your wins and move on!

Game Length

Game length has been increased to 2 minutes. Players were getting into position and only having a short amount of time to shoot the other player. This time increase should help increase the number of gun battles.


Break Length

Breaks between games has been increased to 2 minutes 30 seconds. Players were having a hard time recovering after a game. Additionally, we feel that the time to reload and air up was too short. This time increase should reduce the pressure between games.