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Position: Experienced Referee

Professional Service

Experienced referees need a broad set of skills and experience. They need to know when to enforce the rules, when to apply a light touch and predict where the problems will pop up. A great head ref keeps problems small by preventing them from becoming big.

What makes a great head ref?

  1. Positive attitude
  2. Confidence
  3. Excellent communication
  4. High Energy
  5. Flexibility
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Team oriented staff

Experience Required

Reffing at Urban War Zone isn't like reffing at most parks. Head refs are responsible for much more than running safe, fair, and fast paced games. Head refs are responsible for the overall gameplay at UWZ and ensuring ultimate guest satisfaction with the on-field product.

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Hero Manual
Experienced refs mentor a team

Job Description

Being a ref is much more than officiating a game on the field. The head ref is a mentor, teacher, and ultimately responsible for the on-field product.

What will you do as head referee?

  1. Organize games
  2. Prioritize safety
  3. Maintain efficiency
  4. Mentor beginner refs
  5. Set up packages
  6. Ensure consistency
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