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Game Series: The World at War

War Through the Ages Game Series: 1917

We continue our War Through the Ages this week as a more experienced American nation flexes its muscles on the global stage and goes head to head with the old world titans of the Axis Alliance.

July 4th, 1917 Game Series Poster

Game Modes

Front Line Frenzy
When the captain blows his piercing whistle you will rise up and lead the courageous American forces into the heart of the battle. Every inch of territory will be won with blood, sweat and tears as you engage in gripping face-to-face combat and close quarters fighting.

Your mission? Secure the safety of the trench for your fighters. But the clock is ticking. When the final whistle sounds and the battle lines are redrawn, the team with the most soldiers holding their ground in the center trench will emerge victorious. The battleground awaits.

Battle for Dominion
The German Wehrmackt may be damaged, but not defeated. The determination of the Allied coalition will now be tested by the ferocious Axis counter attack. Can the Allied Forces withstand the onslaught and repel the brutal Axis powers, or will the Germans redraw the world map in their iron grip forever.

Your mission is clear-cut, but far from simple…Establish a firm foothold by securing three "home" territories, then rally your troops and storm the enemy lines to conquer disputed ground.

The stakes have never been higher as nations grapple to claim new territory - or risk being relegated to the archives of history. As the outcome hangs in the balance, remember that everyday heroes can reshape history. Are you ready to leave your mark?

Operation: Zero Hour
With Europe in flames, the unyielding American forces turn their attention to the East where the mighty Japanese empire rules the seas and islands. The Empire’s resolve is unwavering as the shadow of war grows fiercely, but they are resolute that darkness will never fall upon the land of the rising sun.

The challenge before you is to build and unleash a weapon of awe-inspiring power, capable of bringing the war to an abrupt and decisive end.

The rules of engagement are clear. Once the weapon is obtained, it must be armed for a minimum of 10 seconds before it can be utilized to end the battle with breathtaking finality. With the power of this force in your hands, precision is vital and a delicate balance must be maintained between the countdown of the clock and careful deployment.

After the weapon is launched it can never touch the ground without destroying the territory it lands in. Launch with care or you may find that the elemental powers you meant to unleash on the enemy, will be unleashed on you.

Join us all through the month of July, we can't wait to see you on the battlefield.

Rules of Engagement

To participate in these epic "War Through the Ages" scenarios, you'll need a brave band of at least 6 players. Don't have a team? Don't worry! You can join forces with other groups and make new alliances.

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