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Spring Break Vibes: Ultimate Adventure

Cool paintball player enjoying spring break at Urban War Zone Paintball.

As spring break approaches, it's time to turn up the excitement in 2024. Whether you're a thrill-seeker, a social butterfly, or someone who simply loves to have a good time, Urban War Zone Paintball has everything you need to make this spring break unforgettable.

Spring Break Details

  • Where:Urban War Zone Paintball: 2315 Telephone Road, Houston, Texas 77023
  • When:HISD Spring break is March 9 through March 16, 2024
  • Cost:$35 per player (see all prices)

2024 Spring Break Vibes

2024 Spring Break Promotional Poster

Are you ready to dive into heart-pounding action and test your skills on the battlefield? At Urban War Zone Paintball, we offer an array of adrenaline-fueled games that will challenge and excite every player!

Exciting Game Modes

Game 1Capture the flag: Where strategy meets speed

Rally your team, devise a plan, and charge into battle in our intense game of Capture the Flag. In each exhilarating round, you'll strategize, outmaneuver opponents, and race to seize victory by bringing down the flag and returning it to home base. But beware, any misstep could lead to elimination as players face off in a thrilling battle of speed and big-brain moves.

Game 2Streetball: Champion your team to glory

Lace up your cleats and step onto the field for a one-on-one duel in our Streetball showdown. Each player represents their team in a series of electrifying 1v1 matchups where winners stay and losers go home. Showcase your skills, agility, and paintball prowess. With each victorious showdown, you'll inch closer to ultimate glory as the undisputed champion of the park!

Game 3Paint Bomb: Dodge, duck and dive!

Get ready for explosive fun in our Paint Bomb game! Teams must navigate the chaos as they pass the bomb across the field like a hot potato, racing against the clock to avoid the game ending blast. With every toss and catch, tension mounts as players strategize, dodge, and dive to prevent the bomb from exploding.

Can you outsmart your opponents and emerge unscathed from the paint-splattered battlefield?

Game 4Swat: Precision and Perseverance

Lock and load for a high-stakes showdown in our SWAT game! With precision aim and nerves of steel, players must eliminate rivals with headshots only—no room for error in this intense battle of marksmanship and strategy. With each perfectly placed shot, you'll edge closer to victory, proving your prowess as the ultimate SWAT team sharpshooter!

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Get ready to elevate your spring break experience to new heights at Urban War Zone Paintball. Whether you're a seasoned warrior seeking intense battles or a casual player looking for exhilarating fun, our lineup of action-packed games has something for everyone. Follow us on social media for updates on spring break specials, promotions, and exclusive events.