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HPGA Paintball Pump Event For May 2023

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We are excited for an upcoming paintball event in Houston happening at Urban War Zone on May 21st, organized by our awesome friends at the Houston PumpGun Association. Urban War Zone Paintball in Houston, Texas, has been a staunch advocate for pump paintball for over five years. Recognizing the appeal of this old-school, skill-focused format, they've continuously provided the necessary facilities and resources.

Event Details

  • Where: Urban War Zone Paintball
  • When: Sunday, May 21st at 10:00AM
  • Cost: $25 per entry
  • Recommended: Stock class pump marker & 10 round stick feed
  • Field Paint Requirement: No, BYOP allowed

Commitment to fun paintball events

Groups like the HPGA have been instrumental in keeping this thrilling variant of the sport alive in the region. Urban War Zone's dedication to pump paintball demonstrates their wider commitment to diversity in the sport, offering players a unique and balanced gaming experience. For those immersed in the paintball community, pump paintball is an old friend.

May 2023 Event Poster

The Houston PumpGun Association event

The HPGA is comprised of a dedicated group of players who love the stock and pump class of play. Pump class events are rare these days, even avid paintball players probably haven't played pump paintball very often, but the HPGA events are scheduled once a month at the various paintball parks in Houston, Texas. An exciting and rare format combined with a wonderful group of paintball players equals an event you'll enjoy.

What are paintball pump markers?

Pump paintball player hiding and shooting

Pump action markers are the OG of the paintball world. Before paintball became the sport it is today there were only pump markers. Pump refers to the mechanical nature of the marker, requiring the player to reset the marker after each shot. This mechanical design obviously limits the rate of fire, effectively capping all players at the same level in terms of fire power.

A little paintball history

A trip down memory lane, about 50 years, brings us face to face with the original paintball shooter, crafted with precision by none other than the Nelson Paint Company. You might be surprised to know it wasn't meant to be the adrenaline-pumping machine we're accustomed to seeing today.

A nice looking pump paintball marker

Introducing the Marker

Affectionately dubbed a 'marker,' it was originally designed with a more rustic lifestyle in mind. It was the go-to tool for loggers and cattlemen back in the day. Loggers used them for marking trees with a simple pull of the trigger. Cattlemen used them to tag their cattle.

Paintball in the 21st century

Today it's not uncommon to see markers capable of unloading paintballs at 10,20 or 30 balls per second. I've personally seen a marker shoot over 40 balls per second! It's a reminder of how far we've come!

Do I need to purchase pump gear?

You could, but it's not a requirement. The amazing, generous players at the HPGA always bring extra equipment for those who do not currently own pump gear. You’re more than welcome to try playing pump paintball before making the big commitment of purchasing your own gear. Just show up and play, attending a special event couldn't be any easier!

Pump paintball player hiding and shooting

"We all know each other and have fun getting together to play pump. It's a very different and unique gameplay, like mixing woodsball and speedball into one game mode!"

-Darwin Melendres
Pump paintball player hiding and shooting

When gameplay is balanced, skill wins!

The disdain for ‘pay-to-win’ games is nearly universal, and the sport of paintball is no different. If you’ve ever spent the day playing with a rental paintball marker you likely noticed all the players with their own equipment and the firepower advantages their equipment brings.

Pump Shines Because Gear Doesn't

These pay-to-win scenarios can be discouraging and this is where pump paintball shines. The appeal of playing paintball in the stock class lies in its level and balanced gameplay. This means the most skilled player has the advantage rather than the player with the biggest budget.