Victory is your destiny

Paintball games at Urban War Zone


Elimination is, by far, the most popular paintball game in Houston because it gives each person the most amount of play time. You can also win a game even when significantly outnumbered by chipping away at the other team and playing defensively.

An elimination game starts with two teams lined up in their starting boxes. When the ref signals the beginning of the game you’ll work together with your team to tag each person on the opposing team with a paintball in the critical area.

The critical area is the torso and head. If you’re hit anywhere above the waist and in between the shoulders, you are out of the game and will exit the playing field and come back on the next round. If you’re tagged on the legs, arms or shoulders, you’re still in the game.

Equipment hits do not count against you.


Capture the Flag

Capture the flag is the oldest and most time honored paintball game. People love capture the flag because it’s goal oriented and works well in a team building environment. The games can be fast and aggressive or completely defensive. Capture the flag is a more difficult to win if your team gets outnumbered, so don’t play recklessly – you’ll need your teammates to cover you when it’s time to make a break for the flag!

The game starts with both teams lined up in their starting boxes. When the ref signals the beginning of the game you’ll work together with your team to either lower the flag from the pole and return it to your own base or grab the flag and push it forward to the other team’s home base.

When the flag touches either starting block, the ref will end the game and the team with the flag wins.

Capture the flag is also a critical hit game.



Attack & Defend

Attack and defend is a unique paintball game that happens on our Ammo Depot field. One team starts inside the castle like building in the center of the course and the other team lines up all around it. The goal of the game is to survive a 5 minute siege.

When the referee signals the start of the game a 5 minute clock will begin ticking. The game ends after 5 minutes or once all players on either the defending or the attacking team have been tagged by a paintball. If the defending team can survive the onslaught with just a single teammate unhit, they win!

Attack and Defend is a critical hit paintball game.


Protect the President

Protect the President is one of our favorite paintball games at Urban War Zone. Two teams designate a “president” or captain of the team. A balloon is fastened to the president so everyone knows where the player is.

The goal is to protect your own president while at the same time trying to tag out the president of the opposing team. There is no time limit and the game only ends when a president of one of the teams is eliminated from the game.

Protect the President is a not critical hit game. If the President of your team gets a paintball hit on him or her in any location, the game will end in a loss for that team.