Logo for Urban War Zone Paintball in Houston, Tx
Logo for Urban War Zone Paintball in Houston, Tx

Urban War Zone Pictures

Pictures of the paintball fields

We’ve put a few photos of our fields here so you can get an idea of what the facility looks like. You can also visit the Urban War Zone Paintball Facebook page for even more photos. The most popular field is the Ammo Depot which features capture the flag, attack and defend, and a castle-like building in the middle to play around.

Gallery Photos

We change up the bunker layout so that the maps stay fresh and fun. The pictures you see in the galleries don’t necessarily represent the paintball maps as they are today.
girl paintballing
boy paintballing
player standing near paintball smoke grenade
friends playing paintball
playing paintball with electronic paintball marker
another girl playing paintball
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Urban War Zone Paintball
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