Unlimited Private Play

Before we opened Urban War Zone in 2006 a couple of us used to go play paintball at some of the local fields here in Houston. One of the things that bothered us is the time limits other fields put on the players. Worse, we had to play with a bunch of people we didn’t even know.

A better way

At Urban War Zone, the power to choose who you play with is in your hands! You also get to stay and play as long as you’d like choose your own teams. Why is that important? Every paintball field in Houston has customers who range from beginning players to experts. It’s not fun and it’s not fair to force all these different types of players to compete against each other.


Forging a different path

At Urban War Zone you get unlimited private play. That means that you’ll be able to play with your friends and family and never have to worry about playing against people with their own equipment, more experience, or are simply just more aggressive.

Kid friendly. Family friendly.

Urban War Zone is kid friendly, family friendly, and most importantly we give you the options to choose who you want to play with. You’ll never be told to play with people you don’t want to.