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Minimum Gear Requirements

This page is for players who have their own gear. If you plan to rent, see the rental package pricing.

Compressed Air Tank

Urban War Zone is a compressed air only facility. If you still have refillable or disposable CO2 you will want to upgrade to a modern air system to play. Compressed air has several advantages over CO2:

  1. Gauge that indicates remaining gas.
  2. Less wear and tear on your marker.
  3. Regulated output pressure & increased accuracy.
  4. Refillable without disconnecting.
Compressed air tank

Helmet or Goggle

All players are required to have an ATSM rated paintball mask or helmet which covers the eyes, ears, and mouth. Airsoft masks are not allowed to be used for paintball play.

What makes a good mask?

  1. It covers the eyes with a non fog lens
  2. It covers the ears with a soft material
  3. It covers the mouth with good venting for breathability and sound transmission
Barrel sock required for safety.
Compressed air tank

Barrel Sock

Nobody intentionally shoots a paintball gun in places they shouldn't, but accidents can happen. When they do, you'll want a barrel blocking device in place to prevent a paintball from leaving the barrel and striking yourself or another guest.

There are a few different types of barrel blocking devices on the market. The type we require is called a barrel sock. You will need to bring or purchase a barrel sock before playing at Urban War Zone.

Paintball Marker / Gun

You must have your own marker in good working condition with all required parts. We will test it to make sure it's shooting properly. If the marker isn't working correctly or is shooting hot, you will be responsible for bringing it into compliance with the rules of the park.

We cannot be responsible if your marker stops working during your visit, so be sure you've performed proper maintenance before coming to play paintball at Urban War Zone.

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