Refill your CO2 tank at Urban War Zone in Houston, Texas

CO2 refill price

Standard Paintball CO2 Tank

We offer CO2 refills for players who will be leaving the park or need CO2 for other uses besides paintball. However, Urban War Zone Paintball is a compressesd air only park for guests who are staying to play paintball at the park.

Refill Prices *

  •    9 oz:$3.50
  • 12 oz:$4.70
  • 16 oz:$6.30
  • 20 oz:$7.90
  • 24 oz:$9.50

*taxes not included

All other thank sizes under 24 oz can be refilled at $0.40 per oz.

Cool looking co2 bottle

Bulk CO2 & Large Tanks

There is a 2 lb limit for CO2 refills. Bulk tanks and extra-large CO2 bottles are not supported. Please call ahead if you have any questions about support for your bottle size and specifications.

Cool looking co2 bottle

Looking for compressed air refill prices?

You can check our pricing for compressed air refills here:

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