Refill your compressed tank at Urban War Zone in Houston, Texas

Compressed air refill price

Don't let a drained tank ruin your game, we are open every day to refuel your passion for battle with a quality air refill. We don't just refill your tanks, we make sure they're filled with thoroughly filtered and moisture-free air.

Proper filtering ensures optimal performance and longevity for your expensive equipment.

How it works

  • Bring your tank:
    Drop by our location with your empty tank. Our team will inspect it to make sure it's safe and ready for a refill.
  • Quality refill:
    Our team will then refill your tank with high-quality, filtered air, all while you wait.
  • Bring your tank:
    In no time, your tank is ready for pickup. Now, you're all set to get back on the field and enjoy your paintball experience to the fullest.
Staff member filling a compressed air tank.

3000 psi Tank Refill Prices


  • 13 ci @ 3000 psi:$5.00*
  • 22 ci @ 3000 psi:$5.00*
  • 48 ci @ 3000 psi:$5.00*
  • 62 ci @ 3000 psi:$5.00*

*taxes not included

Bottle filled to 3000 psi

4500 psi Tank Refill Prices


  • 36 ci @ 4500 psi:$7.00*
  • 48 ci @ 4500 psi:$7.00*
  • 68 ci @ 4500 psi:$7.00*
  • 77 ci @ 4500 psi:$7.00*
  • 80 ci @ 4500 psi:$7.00*

*taxes not included

Bottle filled to 4500 psi

Looking for CO2 Refill Prices?

CO2 and Compressed air tanks may look the same on the outside, but they are not compatible and are very different inside. If you have a CO2 bottle, visit our CO2 price page for the correct information about your bottle. Visit the CO2 refill price page here:

Looking to buy a tank?

Before you buy a compressed air tank for paintball, visit our blog and get informed:

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