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Which package would you like?


Want more ammo?

Think you’re going to be shooting it up like Rambo on the paintball field? Additional paintballs are always available and it’s inexpensive to get more. Bags of 500 paintballs are just $18.



Want a faster gun?

Urban War Zone has a Valken Proton equipped with the world’s quickest hopper, the Dye Rotor. You’ll be the king of the field when shooting this gun and it’s only $15 upgrade to this rental for the day.



Want more pizza?

We have a great deal with Domino’s Pizza or Papa John’s for $12 large one topping pizzas. If you’d like to order more food for your guests, just speak with the manager on duty and we’ll take care of you!

Want to pay less?

The easiest way to get the very best prices is to bring a bigger group. For groups of 20 or more we can get the price as low as $19.95 per player! That’s a phenomenal deal that includes an all-day pass, equipment and 210 paintballs per player. Visit our 20+ group discount page for more information and pricing.